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Economic lawyers in Madrid: We are a team of specialized and economic lawyers from all legal areas: Civil, Criminal, Family, Divorce, Inheritance, Real Estate, Banking, Labor and Immigration. We are committed to providing economic and effective solutions to our clients in any legal situation they face.

Do you need legal advice or representation in any case? Do not hesitate to contact us! The consultation is free, call now for free at 0034 641 42 84 15 through our website contact. We are here to help you protect your rights and find the best solution for you. Our team of expert lawyers is ready to provide you with the legal support you need. Call now and discover how we can help you in your legal situation.

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Our specialties

Economic Civil Lawyers Madrid

Economic Criminal Lawyers Madrid

Economic Divorce Lawyers Madrid

Economic Inheritance Lawyers Madrid

Economic labor lawyers Madrid

Economic Banking Lawyers Madrid

Economic Real Estate Lawyers Madrid

Economic Immigration Lawyers Madrid

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Economic lawyers in Madrid have their office located in what is called the golden triangle, Plaza Castilla, Castellana and Bravo Murillo. We are located in front of the Plaza Castilla courts, the metro is Plaza Castilla, exit Bravo Murillo and there are many buses that stop at Plaza Castilla, which makes us one of the best locations for the office and for our clients, the address is C/ Bravo Murillo 377 7-A. Economic lawyers in Madridc

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In our economic law firm in Madrid we have excellent lawyers from the Madrid Bar Association and many years of experience and success. In addition, we offer multidisciplinary legal services specialized in different matters such as civil, criminal, family, labor and immigration. We are experts and specialized in each subject.

We offer top quality personalized treatment in each and every one of our actions that we undertake so that you are always well protected both in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings. In addition, we never neglect the attention we highlight from our communication of all the news of your judicial process or process that we are taking you. Economic lawyers in Madrid

That is why, each euro that each case is studied individually, according to the needs of each client the best solution to your problem.

Cheap lawyers in Madrid

The cheap law firm in Madrid Capital has professionals with a high degree of knowledge of the legal system and extensive experience in representing clients in the Courts of Madrid. Call o WatshApp now for free at 0034 641 42 84 15

It does not matter if you are an international corporate client, a self-employed professional, a private client, or the type of matter for which you need specialized legal assistance, since we are the best solution to your problems.

Thanks to the experience acquired by our lawyers from the Madrid Bar Association, you will obtain an immediate response to any legal need you may have, since we have a team of criminal, labor, civil, commercial, and immigration and immigration lawyers. Whatever the lawyer you need, in our office you will find the expert economic lawyer you need Experts

Lawyers Civil law Madrid

We are specialized in Civil Law. In this sense, we assume the representation and defense in any conflict and we file the corresponding demands for cremation claims with full guarantee:

Economic real estate lawyers Madrid

Lawyers Demands Madrid

Lawyers Claim Madrid Municipal Capital Gain

Madrid Timeshare Lawyers

Unpaid Rental Lawyers Madrid

Lawyers Arras Contract Madrid

Lawyers Rental leases Madrid

Lawyers Squats Madrid

Flight Claim Lawyers Madrid

Traffic accident lawyers in Madrid

Monitory proceedings in Madrid,

Madrid Debt Claim Lawyers

Ordinary and verbal declarations throughout Spain.

Lawyers foreclosures Madrid

Lawyers Abusive Clauses Madrid

Economic banking lawyers in Madrid

Eviction Lawyers Madrid

: Floor clauses for abusive interest. Economic lawyers Mortgage foreclosures in Madrid, evictions and embargoes.

Contractual breach.



Economic commercial lawyers in Madrid in claiming amount for unpaid invoices to companies.

Economic lawyers in Madrid for real estate and urban planning law: earnest money contract, evictions for lack of payment and precariousness,

rentals, communities of owners.

Horizontal property: spill claims, general expenses, challenge of Board agreements.

Writing resources in all instances: recu

Economic lawyers Experts in Madrid

Economic Inheritance Lawyers Madrid

We carry out all the necessary procedures to be able to inherit in Madrid. We take care of all the patrimonial study of the inheritance from the beginning and we write all types of wills in any type of family situation. We also offer highly professional attention in terms of real estate capital management resulting from inheritance. Inheritance Lawyers Madrid Call o WatshApp now for free at 0034 641 42 84 15

Our economic family lawyers in Madrid have resolved a multitude of cases successfully over the last few years and will resolve your concerns about the acceptance or waiver of the inheritance in Madrid, partition of the inheritance, as well as the rights you have as a legitimate heir or legatario.Expertos Economic lawyers in Madrid

Inheritance Lawyers Madrid

Urgent Lawyers in Madrid

Urgent Lawyers Office in Madrid: Your Immediate Legal Response

Introduction: In the city of Madrid, having a reliable and efficient urgent law firm can make a difference in urgent legal situations. In this article, we will explore the importance of our law firm, prepared to act quickly and provide effective solutions in times of urgency.

A legal team at your fingertips: At our emergency law firm in Madrid, we understand the importance of having specialized professionals with experience in various areas of law. We are prepared to offer you personalized advice and immediate legal representation, regardless of the nature of the case you are facing.

Quick and efficient response: In urgent legal situations, speed is essential. At our firm, we understand the urgency of acting quickly. Our attorneys are trained to quickly analyze your situation, identify the best strategies, and act diligently to protect your rights and interests. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we will make informed decisions in a short period of time.Call o WatshApp now for free at 0034 641 42 84 15

Extensive experience in various legal areas: Our urgent law firm in Madrid has versatile professionals who have solid knowledge in different branches of law. Whether it is a criminal, labor, civil, family or administrative law case, among others, our lawyers are prepared to provide comprehensive legal assistance and adapt to the specific needs of your urgent case.

Urgent Lawyers Madrid

Economic Divorce Lawyers Madrid

When a person decides to divorce their partner, they have many doubts about the attribution of the marital home, custody of the children or what alimony they would have to pay and in general what expenses they will have to bear since then. That is why we want to be your lawyers for cheap divorces in Madrid.

There are different ways to do it, of course the best for everyone is to opt for the friendliest way, such as divorces or separations by mutual agreement.

However, sometimes they do not agree with the terms of the regulatory agreement and decide to initiate contentious legal proceedings to resolve all their rights and obligations, such as:

Lawyers Family Madrid

Lawyers Separations Madrid

Lawyers Mutual Divorce Agreement Madrid

Lawyers Domestic Partnership Madrid

Lawyers Parent-child measures and Modification of parent-child measures Madrid

Guardianship and custody of minor children and visitation regime.

The establishment of alimony and compensatory pension.

The attribution of the marital home and for how long.

All these details are reflected in a Regulatory Agreement adapted to the specific circumstances of each case.

Lawyers Modification of Measures Madrid

Lawyers Non-payment of Pensions Madrid

In the event of community assets, either with or without a mortgage, we draft the settlement claim for the award of community assets to ex-spouses in a fair manner after a prior analysis of their personal, economic and family situation.

At economic lawyers in Madrid ABM each client is unique. Economic lawyers in Madrid

Economic Criminal Lawyers Madrid

We have economic criminal lawyers in Madrid specialized in the different types of crimes committed against individuals or against property:

Crime Lawyers Madrid

Hidden Vice Lawyers Madrid

Lawyers Sexual Harassment Madrid

Fast Trial Lawyers in Madrid

Gender Violence Lawyers Madrid

Complaints Lawyers Madrid

Assistance to the detainee in Madrid

Lawyers for Sexual Crimes Madrid

Fraud Lawyers Madrid

Lawyers Threats Madrid

Misappropriation Lawyers Madrid

Lawyers Complaints Madrid

Prison Lawyers Madrid

Lawyers Appeal Madrid

Aggression Lawyers Madrid

Lawyers False Complaints Madrid

Crimes against public health drug trafficking.

breathalyzer lawyers Madrid

Expert Calligraphers Madrid

Economic Immigration Lawyers Madrid

We assist clients who wish to regularize to work, study and reside in Spain. Thanks to our team of economic immigration lawyer in Madrid

Lawyers Arraigo Madrid

Lawyers Contentious Appeal Madrid

Lawyers Study Visa Madrid

Madrid Community Card Lawyers

Residence Renewal Lawyers Madrid

Lawyers Arraigo by Training Madrid (New Immigration Law)

Community card for family members of citizens of the European Union.

Lawyers Social roots Madrid

Lawyers Labor Arraigo Madrid

labor roots Madrid, family roots Madrid.

Residence and work authorization due to social roots and self-employment and self-employment.

Family reunification of foreigners in Madrid

Spanish nationality by possession of state, marriage and by option.

Residence Renewal Lawyers Madrid


Letters of invitation, non-profit residence and Golden visa

Administrative lawyers in Madrid resources for being in an irregular situation or being in a situation of no return and their expulsion may be compromised.

Resources for denial of residence and resources to expedite nationality. Economic lawyers in Madrid

Economic Labor Lawyers Madrid

We advise workers and employers effectively in the following areas:

Dismissal Lawyers Madrid

Lawyers Pension Retirement Madrid

Permanent Disability Lawyers Madrid

Unfair dismissals in Madrid

Claim of debts and salaries to the company in Madrid

Drafting and review of contracts and collective agreements in Madrid

Drafting of conciliation ballots for the SMAC in Madrid

Settlement claims: 2 extra pays, vacations and overtime in Madrid

Traffic accidents in this service, we charge only if you charge

Treasury and Social Security Appeal

Fast trials in Madrid


Contact now with his team of labor lawyers in Madrid Economic Experts


Specialized Economic Lawyers in Madrid

We are economic lawyers in Madrid Experts with many years of experience in all types of criminal, civil, labor, foreign commercial proceedings.

Our long professional career and the high percentage of cases won is what makes us one of the best options in the legal field in Madrid. We want to be your lawyers and we will fight so that you obtain the desired result. Economic lawyers in Madrid

Immediate legal assistance 24 hours a day

Have your husband been arrested and you don’t know who to turn to? Do not feel helpless, we have a 24-hour emergency lawyer service in Madrid where we can assist you effectively at any time of the day.

Economic lawyers Assistance in Police Station in Madrid.

Given this delicate situation, we understand your nervousness, since any statement you make could be used against you. To avoid any inadvertent error, do not miss the opportunity to contact our economic lawyers in Madrid, we are here to help you.

With just one call, we will inform you of how you have to act in the event of an arrest and we will also establish a winning defense strategy so that your family member or friend is released free of charges or, where appropriate, reduce the sentence to the minimum possible.

In addition, we will strictly ensure that the Law is complied with. In this way, you have the guarantee that at no time will your rights be violated, much less that you are accused of a crime that you have not committed. Economic lawyers in Madrid

Urgent Lawyers Madrid

Urgent Lawyers Madrid. Experts and we have a special section for immediate or urgent cases with quick treatment throughout the process

Urgent lawyers Madrid

We always do all this by offering very good economic rates and having payment facilities for the lawyer. Our fees are adapted to the economic circumstances of the clients.

We are flexible in the way of making payments in comfortable paid. We draw up a custom sheet adapted to your economic circumstances and you can access justice on equal terms. Cheap lawyers in Madrid Experts

Cheap lawyers Madrid

Price economic lawyers Madrid

Affordable Lawyers: Fair Price for Your Legal Needs

Providing Legal Solutions at Affordable Prices

Economic Lawyers Price Madrid When you find yourself in search of legal services, it is natural that you worry about the cost associated with them. In this sense, economic lawyers are presented as an excellent option for those seeking quality legal representation at affordable prices. One of the key advantages of hiring cheap lawyers is the affordability of their fees.

Reasonable and Transparent Fees

Economic lawyers understand the importance of providing quality legal services at fair prices. Unlike the big law firms, these professionals offer more affordable rates without compromising the quality of their work. Transparency and open communication are fundamental in the relationship between economic lawyers and their clients, which allows setting clear expectations regarding fees from the beginning.

Adapting to your Needs and Budget

Economic lawyers understand that every legal situation is unique and that each client’s needs and budget may vary. For this reason, they often offer different billing options to suit your specific requirements.

Hire Economic Lawyer Madrid

Hiring an Economic Lawyer Madrid will allow you to obtain exceptional value for your money. These professionals are highly trained and have the necessary experience to provide you with quality legal representation. Although their fees are more affordable than those of large law firms, this does not mean that they compromise the quality of their work. By choosing economic lawyers, you will receive effective legal advice and solutions tailored to your needs.

Remember that each case is unique and the exact fees may vary. To get an accurate estimate of the costs involved in your specific legal situation, we recommend scheduling an initial consultation with one of our economic attorneys. In this way, you will be able to discuss the details of your case and receive a detailed evaluation of the fees that would apply. Economic lawyers in Madrid

We want you to never feel abandoned. For this reason, we inform you at all times, from an understandable legal point of view, of the procedural status or moment in which your case is located.

The main objective is that you are well advised and that your rights are asserted, taking the reins of your cause and defending yourself in all judicial instances.

You are the most important part of our firm of economic lawyers in Madrid Experts and we defend your rights. Request your free consultation now.


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